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Maryse Smith (Teresa+ M) writes songs.  She grew up in Connecticut, spent the last ten years in Vermont, and now lives in Philadelphia.


“Maryse Smith's collaboration with Michael Chorney isn't just one of this year's great records, and it's not just Smith's finest effort to date — though it is both of those things. The Way It Is is among the best — there's that word again! — Vermont records of the past decade. Smith was already regarded as one of the state's premier songwriters. But working with Chorney and co. has elevated her music to luminous new levels. ... A stunner.”
- Dan Bolles, 7 Days

"..Smith’s songs have a feel all their own. They’re simultaneously downers and uppers. They celebrate the quiet power of a melancholy mood....She’s especially adept at the hardest thing for any young musician to master — writing a song that can feed your head, break your heart and touch your soul.
- Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press